The present day lifestyle is beset with several problems like low  
Motivational level, low Energy level, Stress, Anger and conflicts  
and low Attitudinal Excellence. These alarming factors tend to  
minimize the productivity of employee and maximize the cost of  
medical bills or creating negative work environment .

“ReFinement” helps employee to overcome these problems  
through our Seminar/Workshop whereby we give real time workable  
tips and solutions to manage their problems.

We have already conducted workshop on below mentioned topics :
Managing Health
Attitudinal Excellence
Work Life Balance, Stress and Health Management
Dynamic Life Management and Stress Free Living
Winning Attitude with right  Combination of Body and Mind
Attitude and Positive Success  
Dynamic Work Environment and Relationship Management.

Refinement has conducted 322 workshop till date. 200 non - stop  
workshop on different topics have been conducted for  NHPC in  
EIGHTEEN months at 25 different locations in different states in  

We have also conducted two workshop for Indian Institute of  
Public Administration.
One batch on 23-09-14 for Managing Director ,General Managers  
and D.G.M etc.
Second batch on 30-09-14 for bureaucrats like: IAS,IPS,Directors,  
additional Directors IFS,IES,IRS, ITS,Joint directors  
Brigadiers,Group captains,Commandants etc.  on  "Dynamic life  
Management and Stress free living"
"Thought Planning and Action

  Total Package of Achievement
Rakesh Kumar  
"Thought Planning and Action

  Total Package of Achievement
Rakesh Kumar  
The Key Points  covered during Workshop

Highlighting the Life Style related problems by understanding the   
juggling act between paid work and other activities important to  
Motivational talk on Health by understanding the true meaning of  
Health of life.
Questionnaire of Self analysis
Understanding Achievement and Enjoyment
Understanding of Digestive system, Diabetes, High and Low blood  
pressure and Arthritis with help of videos.
Team building games, Memory games    
Effective Communication to improve Performance and Inter personal  
Respecting, Understanding and realizing the value of BODY- a true  
“Health is a state of complete physical, Mental and Social well-
being and not     
  merely the absence of disease”
Healthy Life Questionnaire- “Physical Fitness and You”
Stress Management including : Physical, Mental & Emotional Stress  
by giving  real time tips
“Use SKILLS, not PILLS to manage Stress”
Videos for tips and techniques to manage the STRESS
Anger and Relationship Management
Promoting the concept of  “ FEEL GOOD & LOOK GOOD “  
Understanding the :Wheel of Health”
Diet tips  by understanding your professional background and Medical  
“If your DIET is good then Medicines are of No Need.
           If your DIET is bad then Medicines are of No Use” Tips on  
MICRO - FITNESS for all busy professionals   
Motivational quotation by observing life to understand the concept  
by Mr.Rakesh Kumar
Few more interesting activities to help to have courage and  
confidence to  come to the right path of HAPPINESS.

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